Good Time

Good Time ★★★★

82% (Great)

This movie about a heist gone wrong opens with a therapy session interrupted by a brand new black-haired Robert Pattinson. The movie is at a constant intense riveting pace. There is an intense atmosphere around and it's not hard to get into that mood. The cinematography is unique and well done with some very uncomfortable zooms and close-ups.
The direction is great with some perfectly crafted moments of tension, including everything that happens with in the hospital. Performances are on point. The star obviously being Robert Pattinson, but Benny Safdie - who also co-directed this - gives an incredible hard-to-watch performance. 
It's a non-stop chase that is perfect, until the final third. New cast members are introduced who are just unlikeable. The film also just doesn't feel as intense anymore with an uninteresting plot-turn and sadly ends abruptly and becomes bittersweet. 
Even with the weaker third act, Good Time is still worth the watch for that constant intense opening two thirds. It feels very much like a feature length Black Mirror episode with its dark, bleak atmosphere. But also, I'm always up for another solid A24 film. The best studio in cinema today. They've given us Ex Maxhina, Moonlight, Room, Free Fire, Swiss Army Man, Green Room. This is just another film added onto that list.

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