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  • The Pendle Witch Child

    The Pendle Witch Child


    a cut above most sixty-minute thrown-on-tubi spook docs, but it’s ultimately more of a straightforward history special than the proper piece of spooky brit hauntology i was expecting. i liked the faux-ed gorey animations a lot though. narrated/hosted by a guy who looks like every british guy

  • Burning



    i think i'm allergic to murakami vibes, sorry bois. gotta respect any arthouse movie with a good car chase in it, though.

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  • Westworld



    i fucking love movies that are under 90 minutes long

  • Maps to the Stars

    Maps to the Stars


    a to-the-letter perfect portrayal of that weird hollywood limbo period where influencers/marvel/netflix hadn't totally taken over, but the last vestiges of the old world were starting to die off and the system was struggling to adapt. (there are so many ipads in this movie, you guys.) which, appropriately enough, was probably the last time period where cronenberg could get a movie funded.

    i loved that everyone in this was a terrible person but in an EXTREMELY realistic way. every time…