Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China ★★★★

I'm confused by how I'm supposed to feel about this film. For me, this is a first time watch - and I understand how this film can hold a nostalgic quality for many cinema-goers of the 80s.

However, I went into this film, a child raised in the 90s and molded by cinema of the 2000s. So, what was I to think of this cult classic?

The dialogue was delivered scarily bad, the one-liners were cringe worthy, the graphics were dated, the monsters came from nowhere which no-one even reacted to or batted an eyelid towards, and in reality, this was all because Jack Burton wanted to get his truck back!

Honestly, I loved it! It seems to play more like it is mocking old Kung Fu B-movies, with confusing plot devices, nonsensical character motivations and bizarre dialogue.

And how about that Jack Burton, I can absolutely see why Kurt Russell's iconic character went down in history as a famous character - the hair, the shirt, the attitude, the truck!

I definitely need to let this one sink in, and tackle it with a future watch to see if it really delivers the killer blow I thought it did this time around.

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