Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

A sweet and melancholic tale of a man, and his burdensome cat. Inside Llewyn Davis is a film that is soaked in mood, feeling and emotion, while being very constrained.

Llewyn Davis, played wonderfully by Oscar Isaacs, is a failed musician and trundles through this Coen Brothers director film, couch surfing from place to place, looking for that lucky break.

I think the great thing about this, is the way in which it captures the feel of the era and the realness of the music industry. Everyone wants to be the next best thing, which unfortunately leaves many wannabes littering the pages of the "almost famous" list.

The music in this film is amazing, and I highly recommend that everyone get their hands on the soundtrack. But it's well worth a watch if you're an appreciator of indie-folk music in general.

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