The Mist

The Mist ★★★½

While the budget appears low and the focus for the majority of the film is of a small scale, this is supremely effective horror storytelling.

The success of The Mist lies in the fact that the horror is not from the monsters outside, but the monsters within. Fear is a powerful force, and causes individuals to group together, creating a shared community. Of course, this shared community can only exist if there are 'others' and 'outsiders' who are persecuted and vilified.

The Mist is the perfect example of the 'rational human being' losing all control.

The acting is great, and while some moments are over the top, for the most part this is a restrained film that develops decent scares and horror. Really big fan of Thomas Jane's performance here and his relationship with his son.

Fantastic all round and a pleasant watch.

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