6 Balloons ★★

this was....okay! not great! unfortunately! I say unfortunately bc I really wanted to like this (I feel like I say that about every movie I end up disliking lmao but it's true! I rarely watch movies with the expectation that I will dislike them!), but I just....didn't. I do think that this was a very realistic and honest portrayal of addiction that clearly came from personal experience; it certainly doesn't shy away from showing all the gross and unpleasant aspects that most people unfamiliar with addiction probably don't know about. and I actually think that's a very valuable element to bring to the table when writing a screenplay—I believe it can strengthen your writing and make the story that you're telling feel a lot more authentic. I guess my problem here is that the writing itself is....not very strong to begin with? I hate sounding so harsh like that! but I found the characters very one-dimensional; they didn't have much depth to them, and I felt like I didn't know them well enough to root for or against them. little bits and pieces of dialogue about how their parents will react to seth's latest relapse are no substitute for, like....actual backstory that comes from thoughtful character development. at least for me! it's just hard to connect with characters that aren't fully fleshed-out. I also felt like the ending was super heavy-handed and just like, obvious? like the whole water / drowning motif was....a little too much, and didn't really pay off. honestly, I'm really glad that this was only a little over an hour long and it didn't drag on for any longer than it had to 🥴

regardless!! I love abbi jacobson with all my heart!! as hysterical as she is, she's clearly more than just a comedic actress, and I'd definitely love to see her in more dramas. oh my GOD and that little girl who played ella...one of the cutest kids I have seen in my entire life? she was so adorable 🥺

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