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This review may contain spoilers.

I can’t believe it took me so long to watch this, but I’m glad I finally did because I really liked it a lot!! like, a cute, wholesome, low-stakes family dramedy with an incredible soundtrack and a sweet gay romantic subplot?? AND toni collette???? I’m sold! (ok but no joke when toni collette’s character first walked onscreen I literally said “wait is that toni collette? OH MY GOD THATS TONI COLLETTE”) 

I probably would’ve liked this more if the romance between sam and rose was given more attention, but that’s really just personal preference. and even so, I loved how it was treated with such respect and care and how sam’s sexuality was such a non-issue.....that was really sweet 🥺😭🤧 

also oh my GOD the mitski references?? AND toni collette singing BRUISES BY CHAIRLIFT AT KARAOKE??????? I swear to god I’ve never been more spiritually fulfilled in my life! (my childhood best friend whom I’ve known since I was a few months old introduced me to that song a good decade ago and I’ve loved it dearly ever since ❤️) and the original songs here were like....actually good?? bc sometimes with films like this the original songs aren’t that great, but I genuinely really loved these ones. UGH this was such a good movie!!!!

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