The Lovebirds ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

this was pretty funny! I laughed a lot! issa and kumail are already hilarious on their own, but paired together they had such good chemistry and played off of each other really well. HOWEVER I absolutely would not have enjoyed the movie as much if they hadn't been the leads lol. and I did like the twist at the end! I genuinely did not see it coming (but also I am unfortunately the world's most gullible bitch and thus rarely ever see plot twists coming)!

but yeah like the plot....wasn't great? SO much time was wasted on that dumb fucking scene in the barn with the horse!! I saw that scene in the trailer and figured that anna camp's character would play a huge role in the film, but uh no not really! and the sex cult shit was weird—which like, no shit lmao, but it was too weird for it to be funny if that makes sense?? lol maybe I'm just still traumatized by eyes wide shut but I'm literally just like WHAT WAS THE REASON!! oh my GOD and the fucking fireworks scene.....I'm about to call up cody and noel bc that's cringe! I thought it was universally agreed upon that that song fucking sucks!!

anyways I would really like to know who keeps encouraging anna camp to take roles in which she puts on that insanely grating stereotypical southern accent so that I can punch them in the fucking face

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