Dunkirk ★★★½

ok let me just start by saying i'm fully aware i'm probably the last person on earth to watch this film, blame the ungodly release system they had for this in italy, and as a huge nolan fan it was just sad and enraging to have to wait this long, but now that i finally got to see it i have a few many things to say (bare with me) and i'm doing it in points 'cause i'm an unoriginal bitch and long well written reviews aren't really my thing:

•the cinematography was (no surprise there) breathtaking and i couldn't get enough of the wide shots
•can't believe hardy's Locke (2013) was only an audition to prepare to be the lonely character in this (not much to say about him, he's the man per usual and i would die for him)
•another man i would fucking die for? cillian murphy, he broke me in this. ptsd is shown all the time but there's something about the way he did it here that absolutely killed me.
•my heart was in sync with the score, thanks for that hans!
•harry styles was not half bad and i actually hope he pursues acting from time to time (not to be that bitch but that jawline deserves to be credited folks)
•as a whole, it's just one of those films that serve as reminders of how devastating and inhuman war really is, and there's never enough of that especially (and sadly) in the time we're living now. the whole no blood thing bothered me a little simply because this is so realistic already, and i feel like they should've taken it that much further but it's ok, the emotional impact was very much there anyway

i was in a bit of a movie slump before seeing this since i'm catching up on new and old shows and this just reminded me why i love films so much and why i'm passionate about them, thank you for always being able to do that for me nolan.

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