Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★

ABSOLUTELY NO SPOILERS (i’m in shock so bare with me)

i can’t believe i’m actually logging this because i watched it and not just to freak out. you know when a movie turns out exactly the way you want it to be even though your expectations were literally sky high and couldn’t possibly be fully satisfied, especially being a huge fan of the franchise and just being a nit picky bitch? it happened. will it happen for everyone? probably not, this will not be a five star movie for everybody and i’m aware, though i think it’s extremely important to keep in mind that this is the second movie in a trilogy, and it works just fine when you see it that way in my opinion, but overall it’s just hard for me to see flaws when there’s SO much good stuff that filled my nerdy heart, i’m in love with these characters and respect how they handled the original ones, i had the most incredible night like every year, everyone was dressed up in costumes + LOADS of lightsabers (snatched a picture with Vader and the cutest girl dressed as a rebel [sidetrack: i fell in love]), people were crying/screaming and i was able to share it with my dad who has been a fan since he saw ANH in theatres. so just thank you Rian for this.

(i’m seeing it again tomorrow, this is a fucking lot to take in, possibly the most spoiler filled movie of all time so stay. off. all. social. media)

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