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This review may contain spoilers.

some stuff i need to get off my chest and share  (it’s waaaaay too long and i don’t expect anyone to go through it all so i’ll just highlight some points that you can skip to if you’re interested and i’d love to know if you share some of my thoughts cause i’m feeling pretty excluded for some stuff atm and want to talk about it)

i’m having a blast seeing reviews from users i love on here on this movie, whether they’re enthusiastic like mine or more “realistic” i guess. honestly, i see why some might have more than one problem with it, if you did and only watched it once you really really really should watch it again. i was already smitten the first time but some little things did slightly bother me, on the second watch they just disappeared as i embraced the movie as a whole and specifically as the second movie in this trilogy which it very much feels like and i loved that. i mean...all of this really might just be me not being able to give a reasonable judgement and being biased due to my excessive love for the characters and stanning the shit out of SW but i shamelessly think it’s perfect.


i’m not even exaggerating when i say she has become one of my favorite characters of all time and this movie just solidified my opinion. Daisy’s portrayal is incredible and effortless, beautiful and strong, absolutely equally. i loved what they did with her parents, it just emphasized her need to have a connection with people and why she hated Kylo so much (LOVED the force interactions) he had a family that loved him, which is all she ever wanted and the fact that she knew all along who her parents were but was in denial made my stomach turn...she deserves so much better. (on a more shallow note i LOVE the transition to the new look. as a sequence it’s beautiful and the look is simple but effective and fierce; thanks for making our cosplays easier with that hair!). {also the first meeting with Poe added 10 years to my life}


i’ll never forget what i felt the first time i watched the ANH binary sunset , the chills and tears and emotions i can’t even describe that hit me then and every time that theme came back on in the following episodes and to have Luke go out that same way, apologizing to Ben and quite literally saving the Rebellion, at peace and as the legend he is at the same time was bittersweet and as satisfying as the death of one of your favorite characters can be. @ award shows, i know you lowkey hate Star Wars but Mark earned his award, in fact multiple performances/aspects of the film are award worthy in my opinion. (also the little rub off the shoulder thing as misplaced as it could’ve been felt absolutely perfect and broke the tension for a second and THANK GOD IT DID, the comic relief parts as a whole never bothered me)


my theatre went nuts. never gonna get tired of his voice/weirdness. he gave us other quotes to add to the collection and i LOVED the one about failure. in ESB we saw Yoda train Luke and even though he’s become the legend he himself dreads he still needs his master’s advice/guidance and that’s one of the deepest full circle moments of the whole franchise. (SKYWALKER, MISSED YOU I HAVE HIT ME LIKE A TRAIN)

some thoughts (more like a rant) on KYLO (ready to lose followers) 

i saw someone complaining about the fact that he has a lot of screen time. i’m sorry but... the fuck? if you hate him i get that but...he’s the main villain of the current trilogy and in the case of TLJ, one of the main characters? actually so many people hate him and whilst i can understand why (he’s a villain and killed an original cast member, not that hard) i think it’s stupid to belittle him to that without considering any form of character development when Star Wars is ALL about character developments (1. not talking about redemption necessarily 2. the development was actually heavily present in this movie but since it’s just so relatable to shit on him some people just chose for his story to be over i guess) and reducing him to an “emo teen” has honestly gotten pretty old. not to mention the hate that’s been placed on Adam (99% of it regarding his appearance which is just sad) who i think perfectly embodied once again the extremely conflicted, angry and questionable character that Kylo is and after seeing TFA an unhealthy amount of times and now this one i can say i love his character. (it should go without saying but by saying i love his character i’m not saying i agree with every decision he’s ever made.) also the fact that Kylo remembers Luke as evil as fuck (when we later learn he was just there with the lightsaber, already regretting his instincts) just shows how betrayed he felt ... Luke and Rey insisting on calling him Ben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

another unpopular opinion:

the Finn/Rose storyline wasn’t that bad? sure it felt “out of place” but didn’t also Luke’s training in ESB when everyone was in Cloud City?  
also i loved the casino scene? i don’t know maybe it’s really just me at this point lmao 

the lightsaber fights looked incredible, the whole scene right after Snoke’s death had me completely mesmerized and i would go as far as saying it’s one of the best fight scenes in the entire franchise ( you’re welcome) along with the final full body wide shot of Kylo and Luke. the score was to no surprise incredible; the themes we just got used to in TFA becoming almost “old” and familiar in a way (resistance march, Rey & Kylo’s themes) was satisfying as fuck (not even gonna talk about Luke and Leia’s themes) + some powerful new tracks were also perfect for the tone of the movie (favorites for now are The Spark, Canto Bight, Chrome Dome & Ahch-To Island). i’m also so glad that Rian is finally getting the recognition he deserves as a director it makes my heart full.

actual “negatives” i had (that didn’t stop me from giving this five stars):

-no knights of ren
-no tom hardy dialogue. NOT ONE LINE OF HIS HUSKY VOICE. does anyone at least know his actual cameo? pretty sure i spotted the princes but not him :(
-BB9E was just...there?
-that Leia scene was a little weird but so cool and new at the same time? would’ve loved to see what Carrie thinks about it. also the hologram scene WAS a low blow, R2
-too little Maz screen time 
-DJ was a little off but i almost appreciated the fact that he wasn’t a stereotypical good at heart guy?
-BB8 had his moments to shine to say the least (the whole blowing the gun western style? the thumbs up is shook) but i wanted to see more R2 with Luke.
-also wanted a little more Finn/Rey time but i understand they had separate journeys in this episode and can’t wait to see them and everyone else in episode IX.

also Rian summed up everything Star Wars is about in one fucking scene as the ending


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