Parasite ★★★★½

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Wildly amusing, profoundly weird, and inventively hilarious, Bong Joon-ho, once again, elbows deep into the heartbreaking truth of class inequality and social imbalance in an exciting, unconventional fashion. No doubt that it's a freak show from any angle, but the core thesis of what the film is trying to explore is so grounded to our reality and extremely close to what happens everyday in our surrounding.

It's a sharp-razor family tragicomic that also works as a laser-focused character study about class rage and the mayhem of socioeconomic pariah. Right from the get go, the film will grab you around your neck, suffocate you, drag your ass to unexpected places countless of time, and never let go, leaving you flabbergasted with no room to breath but plenty to contemplate about. Nothing will truly prepare you for this Palme d'Or winner!

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