The Lady of Scandal ★★★★

The Lady of Scandal (Sidney Franklin, 1930) 8/10

Amusing early talkie about class difference. A stage actress (Ruth Chatterton) is engaged to an aristocrat (Ralph Forbes) but his family opposes the match. In the hope that the girl might change her mind the family decides to allow the marriage after six months provided she lives with them in order to experience their staid ways. She agrees and within three weeks she falls in love with her fiancé's cousin (Basil Rathbone) who in turn is involved with a married woman. Frederick Lonsdale's stage play - a drawing room comedy - gets a sparkling adaptation with the stars in top form particularly Chatterton who despite her "common" background moves through this fluff with an air of light sophistication showing great comic timing. Suave Rathbone makes a delightful companion for her in what is basically a very early example of a screwball comedy. Great fun.