Rye Lane

Rye Lane ★★★★★

2023 Movies Ranked

Rye Lane is the directorial debut of Raine Allen-Miller. This film is about two people that meet and relate with one another based on the fact they are going through a breakup. They spend an eventful day with one another going on a charismatic adventure in London.

This was a fantastic debut. For a romantic comedy, I felt this film showcases why this genre can still be appealing. The narrative is simple and generic, but the direction and the elements this film has from color palette, editing, and structure, creates a new world of uniqueness. The dialogue was written well, and combines realism with comedy. I thought the characters were developed perfectly and that they were the driving forces for the comedy. The film is really funny, and brings the positive energy. My favorite part of this film was the usage of flashbacks. The flashbacks were told with this very funny narration between the two leads. The vibrant music and scenery this film had was enjoyable to watch, and it made me not want the film to end. David Jonsson and Vivian Oparah were fantastic as the leads, and their chemistry in this film was so captivating and romantic. This film is so cute. This has replay value.

My one criticism with the film would be how it ended. This is a small issue, and it doesn’t really affect my opinion on the film. The majority of the film felt so new and unique for a romantic comedy. When it enters that final act, I felt like the resolution for the characters felt very generic. It basically takes the basic route for rom coms when concluding this narrative. But the vibe of this film really put me in a good mood. As a writer myself who is writing in the romantic genre, this really inspired me. This film shows that it can be creative even with the generic elements of the genre.

Rye Lane is one of the best rom coms released so far this year. The story is something you have seen before, but it’s technical aspects are utilized in a creative matter that may change your perspective on the romantic comedy genre. I heavily recommend this film.

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