The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

A couple things have been on my mind for a bit that I just want to jot down here. 

1) This is, probably, in consideration for Reeves’ best performance. Certainly it’s the best of his performances during this wave of new appreciation and memeification (hey did you know my phone wanted to change that to mummification….it’s not that far off is all I’m saying) he’s undergone over the 2010’s, which is to say it’s the first to really truly emphasize that the guy is *old*. Far gone from the “young, dumb and full of cum” Reeves of the 1990’s, it’s hard not to look at the fight scenes and think “oh he’s slowed down a bit hasn’t he”, which of course makes all the scenes with Carrie Anne-Moss that much more tragic, not just that he’s weighed down with regrets he can’t fully understand but also that he’s clearly running out of *time* to actually live his life the way he wants to, wasting away in a prison of his own design.

2) I think people would maybe have less issues with this if they understood, intentionally or not, this is pretty clearly an epilogue. Look I can’t pretend to understand the whims of Big Hollywood Gentlemen, but I doubt they’re going to be making another one of these. Therefore this isn’t some jumping off board like The Force Awakens, but a reckoning and a conclusion (I think this is why I find the scenes in the human colony frustratingly dull. If this truly is the final one I don’t really care that much about the possible stories that can be wrung out of the different factions of humans and machines. Just seeing the robots on the ship was enough for that plot point of unity to hit home). And frankly, it’s a good enough conclusion that I feel insane for ever being *okay* with Trinity dying, that shot of them flying off holding hands is so clearly the Final Statement on the whole enterprise. 

End of the day, while I wish this was weirder (to me these movies should be just entirely made up of fight scenes, love scenes, and unsubtle slightly dunderheaded but endearing philosophical conversations), it’s good.

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