Reservoir Dogs ★★★

I first watched Tarantortellini's first feature film a few years ago, and I remember being BLOWN AWAY by its almost minimalist storyline, locations and overall premise. To me, the simple layout and cinematography were so effective in highlighting the writing and the characters, as well as their exchanges and dynamics. I wanted my boyfriend to watch it since we are going to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood tonight, and we thought it would be cool to watch Tarantula's both first ever and his latest film in the same week. However, I did not feel the magic this time. I still enjoyed Reservoir Dogs quite a lot, especially the first scene in the diner and the dialogue about whether or not they should be tipping the waitress. Something about that beginning makes me excited to see the rest, but the actual remaining time of the movie did not make me feel... a lot. Maybe it is because I was expecting the same reaction I had at my first viewing, but anyway, my boyfriend enjoyed it quite a bit and I am still looking forward to watch OUATIH (seriously though, what a terrible shortened title!)

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