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“There's a strong streak of good in you, Superman. But then nobody's perfect... almost nobody.” - Lex Luthor - Superman (1978)

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  • The Cooler

    The Cooler


    There's something eminently enthralling to me about Las Vegas. It's like an adversary in and of itself. I have no ambition to visit Sin City but I have loved some great films set there; Casino, Hard Eight, Leaving Las Vegas. I now count The Cooler among them.

    A small vignette of every iconic casino on the Vegas strip sets the scene. The movie has a neo noir feel that I love. It's soundtracked by jazz and big band. It's smoky…

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  • Housesitter



    A largely generic early 90's comedy about lying and decieving, propped up by likeable leads and their affection for the comedic calamity of yesteryear. I've been watching 30's and 40's screwball recently, which puts me in a position to see more of what this is.

    It's fine. Martin and Hawn go well together. I laughed out loud at a moment where Martin plays some fine physical comedy, falling over a couch and landing on his feet. I love the part…

  • Happily



    I enjoyed Joel McHale's performance in the TV comedy, Community. I bowed out before the last season due to it getting unbearably stale without Donald Glover and Chevy Chase. It's hard for sitcoms once the original recipe is lost.

    This starts well. Superbly well. It's directed with style, uses great pop music and has a darkly comic, sexy edge. It's set in a modern luxury house. I sailed through the first 30-mins, despite being quite depressed by Joel McHale's naked…

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  • Superman II

    Superman II


    It's impossible to describe the love I have for Superman II in this blank space. It has been a headline act in my life for as far back as I can remember. It thrilled me as child. Superman was a God to me. The real God (sorry if you are real, God) never had a prayer. With my confused desire of 'the woman Ursa' it was my awakening. Those black thigh-length PVC boots with a slit up the trouser to…

  • Dune



    Among sections of film fandom, there exists a sense of wanting to start a new religion each time Chris Nolan or Denis Villeneuve release a film. Who would argue? Both directors make weighty stuff, loaded with deep philosophical and psychological components that have breathed fresh life into the modern definition of a blockbuster.

    It could be said that both directors also make largely humourless, perhaps even airless films that weigh like a five-course meal.

    Dune is hefty and gorgeously designed,…