Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery ★★★★

On first viewing, I enjoyed this more than Knives Out. Maybe it was the colourful liquid flow of Kate Hudson's dress.

The setting is outrageous and somewhat silly (in a good way), and the pieces on the board offer juicy intrigue. I've seen endless 5-star reviews of Knives Out in my Letterboxd feed over the past few years, and although I didn't feel so strongly about it, it is nevertheless pleasing to see a writer-director finding the strong pulse of his audience.

Rian Johnson is a wonderful intellect. As Glass Onion begins I get the immediate sense I'm in for a treat. It's notably sexier than its predecessor and I'm all for that. I'm never laughing out loud with it, but it has a general undertone of humour and knowing nods to bits of pop culture, because if he's nothing else, Johnson is a total geek (again, in a good way). Johnson has Kenneth Branagh licked with this stuff now. They might as well stop making those tedious Poirot films because this is how you do it!

There are bizarre elements that pop up, but the bonkers stuff pours in a little freshness. As before the cast is immense fun. Daniel Craig has found the perfect path after playing Bond and it's great to see Edward Norton on form again in something clever.

There is a broad swipe at arrogant billionaires who court a God complex, and those who cosy upto them, but the fun of the mystery and the ingenuity of Johnson's writing are the real draw. He further proves here that he is one of the smartest and most exciting film makers working today.

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