Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

Far From Home is a significantly messier film than Homecoming, but it skates by on the charm of its teenage character dynamics and the emotional development of Peter Parker.

The film's plot is shaggier than most Marvel films, with the central conflict not becoming firmly established until about halfway through its run-time. This causes the first half of the film to feel strangely under-cooked and disjointed. When it is simply trying to be a high school hang-out comedy, it is breezily enjoyable, but when it dives into world-threatening super-heroics, it becomes bland and a bit derivative.

The twist at the film's center changes this dynamic quite a bit, but anyone paying attention should have caught it coming a mile away. In hindsight, this reads as if the film is being deliberately obscure in order to misdirect the audience. The best twists are those that feel as if they are hiding in plain sight, and elevate the film upon a re-watch. But with Far From Home, I have the feeling a re-watch will render the film's first half lazy and inert.

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