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  • We Margiela

    We Margiela


    Fashion Icons Film Season: WE MARGIELA
    by Helene Ravlich

    Contemporary New Zealand fashion was once defined by the "dark and intellectual" label given to it by the international press in 1999, after the "New Zealand Four" - Karen Walker, Nom*D, World and Zambesi - presented their collections at London Fashion Week to much acclaim. Nom*D and Zambesi in particular were very much in line with that vision, and at the time were compared to designers out of Antwerp, Belgium who…

  • Le Ride

    Le Ride


    Francesca Rudkin chats with Phil and Louise Keoghan for LE RIDE
    Posted on Wednesday 7/02/2018 February, 2018 by Rialto Channel (RC)

    The documentary Le Ride is a must for cycling enthusiasts, and anyone who loves a good adventure or underdog story. In Le Ride, Amazing Race star Phil Keoghan physically and mentally pushes himself to the limit as he replicates the gruelling bike ride taken by Kiwi Harry Watson during the 1928 Tour de France. Producer and co-writer Louise Keoghan,…

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  • Embrace



    EMBRACE – stop hating your body, start living your life

    There’s still a lot of people out there that deny the effect that the media has on women, who are bombarded with literally thousands of altered images of already (conventionally) beautiful women every day. They’ll say “oh we all know magazine images are photoshopped and Instagram has Facetune”, but if you’re not completely comfortable in your skin – and honestly, who is? – then a little self-hatred can easily…

  • A Flickering Truth

    A Flickering Truth


    A FLICKERING TRUTH : highlighting the importance of film

    “I am truly passionate about everything I do,” says New Zealand filmmaker Pietra Brettkelly. “The risks I’ve taken in making some of my documentaries exhibit either passion or craziness.” On her website she goes on to admit that she has always been excited by stories that matter, the personal journeys that reflect a bigger issue, “and my Irish heritage has not only given me red hair but also a thirst for…