The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★

I do believe that this is, hands down, the most bizarre film I've ever come across. I have absolutely no idea what the hell any of it was about; it's basically plotless and just riddled with incredible imagery and symbolism (penis ice sculptures and whatnot), but it held my gaze for its entire duration. Experimental art filmmaking at its finest. Alejandro Jodorowsky seems to be a disciple of Luis Buñuel, or at least he was in this film (my first of his), with his employment of surrealism, religious/political themes, the brand of comedy, eroticism... and just the metaphysical world he created, really. I also loved his excellent shot framing (Kubrickian), camera movements and music. If anything, this is the sort of film that shows how the boundaries of cinema can be pushed. It was quite the experience, but obviously not for everyone.

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