The Princess and the Frog ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Conceptually admirable: a first time female protagonist of colour for the studio (albeit, largely negated, since she proceeds to spend most of the movie in the form of a frog because apparently when a girl who is not a princess kisses a voodooed-prince turned frog, she too becomes an amphibian) - and it's better to not reflect on the accuracy of the resulting pleasant race relations depicted; the spin on the princess and the frog storyline (a classic tale which was always bound for adaptation) which is a Disney fable that puts forward the message of *working* towards your dreams ahead of just wishing for them to instantly come true (a traditional Cinderella-esque plot thread that is instead satirized through the character of the ''rich white girl''); the happily ever after romance is not superficially based as the handsome prince is actually ostracized and therefore no longer wealthy as well (neither is he presented as being very arrogant to reclaim his spoils before then realizing love is more important, in fact he appreciates the latter idea more quickly than anticipated - which you would probably think might have easily NOT been his likely character arc), so he is on equal footing with our heroine and his character grows along with her, developing the romance more organically compared to other Disney movies. A character (the firefly, Ray) also dies... which because of the bastard I am, was welcomed as I thought of all the sobbing children who hoped for an unexpected revival (Ha ha ha).

The not so good? The (return to) colourful hand-drawn animation is relatively standard with no specific dazzling sequence of New Orleans scenery to make any special mention of, and the music too is just serviceable at best, unmemorable and bland at worst - much like the film, really, which sorely lacks a proper funny bone (''It's not slime; you're secreting mucus!'' just kept popping up and it was never amusing) and a great villain/conflict.

Bottom line: You'll be hard-pressed to find another animated feature showcasing French (Frog) kissing.

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