Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★

One of the most visually striking films I've ever come across, meshed together with a hypnotic soundtrack that entwines you into the world of spring break. This was a film bathed in disillusionment and social satire, yet it never makes a parody of itself. This film was destined to be average at best for me until the introduction of James Franco as the wannabe, grill-faced, ghetto rap star, Alien. You want to talk about stealing the show? Here it is in full view. Commanding the screen every time he is on, and is able to coax wonderful performances from these sub-par adolescent actresses, whom I would never consider taking seriously before. I can't say that I have ever been an enormous fan of the former soap opera actor....but here I was blown away, and grateful for the shattering of my expectations.

It's hard to say who is in fact the "main" character in this film, which adds to its unique and dynamic originality, however I am truly of the opinion that Franco deserves an Oscar nod here for what he committed to embodying this larger than life character. What's interesting to me, is that while the character of Alien is indeed larger than life, he is also one born out of reality. We all know or have come across someone exactly like him. Completely out of touch with the real world and placing all of his attention and effort towards the pursuit of money, material goods and "street rep." This is what made him such a powerful character to me; that he was a caricature, but one that reflected so well against reality.

The film does leave some questions to be answered by its completion, but nonetheless, there was very little I could find wrong with this film, other than the fact that none of the four femme fatales really had any impact on me with their performances. In what has been an admittedly weak 2013 for films, Spring Breakers is up there with the best of them for this year, and would not be shocking to even see nominated for Best Picture. Sounds crazy, but absolutely within reach and certainly deserved. Dizzying visuals, neon drenched cinematography, graceful pacing and a powerful Franco performance make this movie a knockout all around, and one that I highly recommend.

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