A Straightforward Boy

A Straightforward Boy ★★★★

My first Ozu, woohoo!

This is a sweet short -- a young boy is kidnapped but since he's "straightforward" just a curious, playful little kid he turns out to be too much for these exceedingly gentle kidnappers. It's amusing when he's out in the streets with the henchman, flumoxxing him by stealing his snacks and pulling off his false moustache disguise. When the kid is in front of the main kidnapper, shooting suction cup darts on his bald spot and being a kiddie clutz, there's enough time to question why a kidnapper is so patient and non-violent between the laughs, but it rolls past as the comedic pace marches on.

My movie-hating wife popped in halfway through and she also laughed her ass off at the cute hijinks. The ending is perfect!

That this was originally 38 minutes is interesting, I think that length may have stretched the gag too far. But 14 minutes of this is gold.

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