Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½

"Most Dangerous Game" style movies are not my thing, in fact the only one I could say I liked was John Woo's Hard Target for readily apparent reasons.

But now I can add Ready or Not to that list of two movies.

The best thing about Ready or Not is that it nails its tone. It's gritty, but not overwhelming. It's funny, but not childishly so, and not so much that it removes a sense of threat. Speaking of threat, it's maintained by good writing that let's hunted Samara Weaving hold her own without becoming an unbelievable badass. She is ALWAYS in danger, escaping through a totally equal combination of luck and brains.

Weaving really is the reason to watch this. She's why I found interest in this, and she absolutely steals the show with great expressive delivery to the point that the rest of the cast, despite definitely being on their own A-games, just pale in comparison. Between this and The Babysitter, it looks like I've got a new favorite actress.

The direction is notable for the lighting, which gives the old house a real sense of age in the dimly light, grainy image. I heard on an interview on Cinema Junkie podcast that the intention was to give the feel of candlelight within the house and that intention is realized precisely. It's a fantastic look that separates Ready or Not from other movies in it's genre, and really other movies coming out this year.

The story moves the action nicely, we get enough change of scenery that it never feels confined or boring. The 1% caricatures are broad but not distractingly so and the end has what I'd call surprises, not twists which maintain the tone and the fun. Solid through and through.

To hear all I've just written but in a madcap, half drunk format, check this out:

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