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  • Mr. Accident

    Mr. Accident


    Re-watching this for the first time in over a decade and all I can say is that while it is undoubtedly awful, I did still laugh a few times. Yahoo commits himself so fully to many of the visual gags and the campy nature of many of the performances give the film quite a bit of energy, which is really all that this movie has going for it.

    The dialog is pretty atrocious, its accident gags repetitive, the pace is…

  • Jungleland



    Suffers from a sagging middle section that stretches its thin plot to nearly breaking point before getting back on track and tying most things up neatly. Plays out much different to how the premise makes it seem, taking a very loose dramatic approach to the subject matter rather then a more action-focused one.

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  • Joker



    Although the performances, score and cinematography are indeed incredible I wasnt half as fond of this as I wanted to be and the first 2 acts grated on me. It seemed that once the movie finally started to find its footing it ended.

    Honestly had a lot of potential, but I personally found it, at times, derivative of far better films.

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Pretty much going to agree with the consensus with this one.
    Knives out is a fun, winking and delightfully twisted mix of dark humor and murder mystery with a stacked cast doing some insanely good work. Although some aspects of the finale didnt surprise me it is still an entertaining experience to watch everything unfold with such elan. Only real problems I have here is that the first act feels a little clunky and awkward and some of the humor…