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  • Bumblebee



    I've been a fan of the Transformers movies since I was a huge fan of the cartoon and toy line as a kid. Transformers along with Star Wars were like my favorite things. While I have enjoyed the previous films, some more than others, I will say that Bumblebee is more the film we should have been getting all along.

    There is a perfect mix of the classic look of the characters with the newer "more realistic" design. The opening…

  • Battle for the Lost Planet

    Battle for the Lost Planet


    This is a fun very low budget film about a guy who steals a ship but because of some damage he can’t turn it around when he blasts into space so he’s stuck on it for 5 years until they return. He comes back to find that aliens have taken over Earth. He finds out of a super weapon that might destroy the aliens and save the planet but getting to it will be a journey.

    This reminded me of…

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  • Terror in the Aisles

    Terror in the Aisles


    I admit I'm rating this one so high because of sentimental reasons. I watched this a hundred times as a kid. I know it's mainly one big clip film with some minor insight by hosts Donald Pleasance and Nancy Allen but I still love it. When I was a kid this was my first introduction to a lot of these films. I would wonder what film that clip was from and what this one was from. Then I would try…

  • The Incredible Melting Man

    The Incredible Melting Man


    Have always had a soft spot for this film since I was a kid having first watched it on VHS. It was hard to not be intrigued by a movie with this title. I'm happy Scream Factory put it out on Blu-ray and it looks pretty great. It may not be a classic but it reminds me of my childhood roaming the halls of the video store. Plus the guy melts for 80 minutes. It does live up to its title.