Dogtooth ★★★★

Lanthimos' infamous Dogtooth plays like Entertainment (2015) if it had been directed by Michael Haneke. It is deliberately playful, often ridiculous, but consistent in its monotony and glaciality.

We are introduced to our characters through a variety of incredulous games involving vulgarities and ridiculous passages of self-harm. The purposes of these brutalities are unknown to all with the exception of the parents, yet this hierarchical relationship feels like it could easily be used as an allegory for serious concepts here on Earth.

Even if we ignore the symbolism and the connotations behind our characters' actions, Lanthimos has still crafted an intriguing, well-paced, and unique film well worthy of its praise and infamy. The flat long takes of the various brutalities are eye-soringly attractive to see, and the erotic scenes are perfectly balanced as to not derail the larger experience Lanthimos has crafted.

The eroticism in Dogtooth is pretty much the acceptable threshold for me - any more than this and the pornographic content begins to feel needlessly and perversely prioritized, which should not be. Lanthimos has put these scenes as part of a larger thematic narrative, for which all ought to be grateful.

In short, this is a fine film, but perhaps lacking that real connection to humanity which films of the highest pedigree have in abundance. Recommended cinema.