Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★

I'd take this over spin the bottle, any day.

A gruesome, fun lampooning of wealth culture! Although, less inventive than I imagined/heard it might be. The kills and thrills are... OK, but given the premise and setting, I'd hoped for greater innovation.

Still, the ensamble characters are just about rounded enough to be individuals and Samara Weaving is totally kick ass as the bride (older her vs Beatrix Kiddo: would watch), both literally and in range. You root for her all the way and one of her defiant screams is so exotic bird-like in its magnificence that it might go down as one of the best in cinema history.

Script could have been better though. There are some deliciously dark comedic moments but they're few and far between in a film that should have been gorily aburst with them.

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