Lethal Weapon 3

Lethal Weapon 3 ★½

So after I watched LW2 again, and enjoyed the retro-styling and buddy-cop thrills I'd been missing, I slipped into part 3. Not a lot to say. It's pretty fucking awful. Gibson and Glover are, and will always be, good together, but there's a horrible attempt to shoehorn Joe Pesci back into the mix after his success in the second one, which simply doesn't work. Rene Russo as the internal affairs officer bought in the older love interest for Riggs is drastically out of place. The action drags. The villains suck. I can barely remember the plot 2 days later. Still, hell of a lot better than part 4. Although that's like saying a stubbed toe is better than coronary heart disease - there's no real contest.

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