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This review may contain spoilers.

So, this isn't going to be a review as much as it is just going to be a collection of random thoughts I had about the movie. I will start off by saying that I really liked it. I need to see it again to really process it though. A lot happened. There were a lot of twists and surprises, but they all worked really well.


Let us just start off with the big thing, the reveal of Rey's parents. So, I'll be honest, there is a part of me that would have loved her to be a Skywalker. Star Wars has always been the story of the Skywalkers so it would just make sense. That said though, I kind of love where they are going by having her parents be people that are not a part of the story. Between that, and quite a few things Luke said, a big theme in this one was that this story is much bigger than the Skywalkers. The Force belongs to everyone.

I absolutely loved curmudgeonly old Luke. I loved the moment where he takes his lightsabre from Rey and just throws it over his shoulder like it is just a piece of junk. The end of The Force Awakens made it seem like this would be such a big dramatic moment and having him just toss it away worked so well. I quite enjoyed seeing the backstory between him and Kylo. I liked how they showed it from both perspectives, making it more than just a Luke was right and Kylo was wrong thing.

I really enjoyed all the scenes between Kylo and Rey. I liked how they teased a redemption arc for Kylo and then just quickly put a stop to it. At this point he is beyond redemption, but for a brief second they almost made you believe that it might happen. The scene with him and Rey fighting together was so well done. They worked together so well. And she wanted to believe so much that he could be redeemed.

Yoda! Holy shit, Yoda was great. He was having none of Luke's tantrum. You want to burn down the Jedi tree and all the Jedi texts? Fine, let me help you with that. Then I will just sit here and laugh while I watch it burn. I was hoping we would get a force ghost somewhere in the movie and I am so glad it was Yoda. "Oh, you Skywalker, missing you I have."

Leia! Leia was great. I am so sad that we are not going to get to see where he story goes from here. That scene where she was floating in space and you thought she was dead was so gut wrenching. But then, she used the Force to get back to the ship. Leia finally gotten to use the fucking Force in one of these movies. Shit it was awesome.

I loved Rose. Her story with Finn worked really well. Though, she really shouldn't be kissing Poe's boyfriend like that. I liked how her and Finn worked together and I like that she was able to teach him that this whole things is bigger than his friendship with Rey. I was so upset when I thought Finn was going to sacrifice himself though. Then I got really exciting when she stopped him. Then I got really sad when she got injured. Very glad they did not kill her though.

I really need to mention the final fight between Kylo and Luke. Just the way Luke walked out and Kylo is scared as shit. "I need every gun we have to fire at that man, NOW!" And that moment when Luke just dusts off his shoulder like it was nothing. Now, I knew something had to be up because when Luke first showed up, my first though was, "Did he dye his beard before coming to face Kylo?" Once it was revealed as a projection that totally made sense though.

I want to talk about the one thing that bothered me about the movie though. Part of the plot hinges on a trope that I am starting to get really annoyed by. It is that trope where the person in command has a plan but doesn't tell anyone the plan because everyone should just follow orders. I see this trope all the time and it annoys me so much because it is one of those things where so many problems would be solved it people just had a two minute conversation. Now, maybe it is because I am not in the military and I am not one to just follow orders, but I like to know why I am doing or not doing something.

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