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  • The Alligator People

    The Alligator People


    A pretty fun movie.

    Beverly Garland (gorgeous), marries Richard Crane. On their honeymoon, Richard receives a telegram and leaves his newlywed to never be seen again. Seriously dude, couldn't even wait to have some fun before bolting?

    Beverly, spends money and time looking for her husband with every lead a dead-end until she tracks him via his college fraternity to a Louisiana swamp area.

    Her she is denied knowledge of him but something isn't right so she stays, which is…

  • Rocketship X-M

    Rocketship X-M

    What would spaceflight look like in 1950?

    Lloyd Bridges commands a team headed to the moon in the 1st spaceflight.

    An unexpected reaction knocks the team out and when they awake they are not at the moon but Mars.

    Landing on Mars, they are fortunate to have breathable air, but their explorations are met with hostile forces causing them to lift off and head back to Earth.

    Some decent EFX, love the look when they hit Mars, but a script that is relatively boring.

    Dated, sexist, some solid and ridiculous concepts make this barely passable nowadays.

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  • Cronos



    Thanks Alex for getting me to the right flick.

    A device is created that gives eternal life hundreds of years ago. The device has been lost but is discovered by Federico Luppi, an old timer antiques dealer.

    Others are searching for the Chronos device. A young Ron Perlman is trying to find it for his rich relative who is dying.

    Federico accidentally unleashes the Chronos device on himself and soon realizes the device is making him young again but at…

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


    This remake actually works. I was prepared to dislike it as I really enjoyed the original with Noomi Rapace, but Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig did an amazing job. Loaded with some great actors this version did a very nice job of pacing. A brutal thriller, that has some very graphic elements attached to it. I loved the Bryan Ferry song that ran at the end of the credits, "Is Your Love Strong Enough". I originally heard that in Legend and it is a fantastic song.