Absolution ½

Wow!!! This sci-fi mess of a movie was actually green-lit.

The Earth is mostly destroyed by a meteor strike. Cue the world years later, when Mario Lopez steps in as a recruit at some training academy (led by Richard Grieco - who is so bad.).

Train for what?

If your a fan of young guys prancing around in skivvies or nude most of the time, you may like this. I think the guys were either in their sleeping quarters or showers for most of the movie.

A young Jaime Pressly heats up the screen in a sex scene with Mario Lopez (who ruins the scene) and is about the only bright spot.

The fight scenes are horrid as is the dialog.

Throw in some aliens at the end.

I actually had to replay the final 1/2 hour about 5 times as I kept falling asleep.