Skyfall ★★★★★

Fuck, I had forgotten how great this movie is. Balancing the realistic approach of the new era with the more light-hearted and playful tone of the old, Skyfall is probably the most fun of the three (well, technically four but I've yet to see Spectre) Craig films. After the decidedly non-Bond approach to Quantum of Solace, this one instead feels like classic Bond, slightly re-tooled for the modern era. It's a very classy affair, perfect for it's 50th Anniversary, and while there's more than enough action to satiate fans, we also get some low-key espionage moments and some characterization that was sorely lacking in QoS. Looks like my favorite Bond film isn't so clear-cut now.

Also, Deakins is a god. This might be one of the most gorgeous looking action films I've ever seen.

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