Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

I have no way to write all of this in a cohesive way so here is a list of disjointed thoughts.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPIDER-MAN: FFH SPOILERS BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) It is getting so hard for me to see and critique and think about each individual MCU installment as its own film and not just connective tissue in a larger organism. I can’t separate my genuine love and enjoyment of this movie with the fact that I’m devasated that we will never have a “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man”-scale movie ever again. Almost immediately afterward, Infinity War undid all of the character work Homecoming had set up Peter with. Wanting to be a small-scale superhero, looking out for the little guy, was all out the window. This movie took everything a step further in the same direction which really bums me out, but I guess that’s the only way they can go to make more of these movies? 

2) Tom’s portrayal of the character just gets more organic and charismatic and powerful with each appearance. And Jake Gyllenhaal certIainly did not disappoint. Fuck, I love that man. 

3) From his “powers”, to his motives, to the fact that the persona of Mysterio is really a collective of chewed up and spit out Stark Industries rejects, Mysterio is one the most unique villains to ever be put to screen in the MCU. I understand the “drones, drones and more drones” argument people are making but at least they aren’t what’s being perceived as the direct threat to the public. I thought they were used in an incredibly clever way that brought the Master of Illusion into modern-day times. They were a theatre/movie crew that had to rehearse over and over again until everything was air tight and then go out and kill it live. Also I thought it was interesting how clear it was made that Tony’s legacy isn’t just golden boy, universe-saving superhero. He was a dick. And many people had their lives ruined by him, had their genius taken and used to benefit him and his fame and glory. To the point where it physically, mentally and emotionally endangered his successor and good friend.

4) The illusions sequences are truly some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen a superhero movie. This movie shines in those moments.

5) It’s very funny.

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