After Hours

After Hours ★★★★

The coincidences in this town hold a bizarre occult power. But it's the fact that they're obviously all coincidental... this nightmare is beyond reason for explanation. No need to scribble a clumsy red circle around it - like the worst part of any dream, you eventually realise you're in one during its peak of terror.

They strike like silly inside-jokes, some of these plot details, but the nonchalance with which they are dropped... I dunno, it works, ultimately. There's something stirring, maybe a pang of sadness, to the unfinished unspooling of every thread in this story. And the characters, yo! I won't (and can't) forget a single one.

Funnier, more nightmarish and more profound than I even remembered. I'll rattle off better words about this one day, but for now... gawsh, Rosanna Arquette really stuns here, doesn't she? Paul, you dunce.

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