Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★

(Non-die-hard perspective, in case it needs to be noted) All things considered, this is closer to what should ideally be done with this franchise sequel compared to the safe, sanitised, reheated (masked as rekindled) fan service of Episode VII. Alas, the things to be considered are that, the more you reflect on it, the clunkier the witnessed narrative is. On account of watchability, sure, it was overall good, but at no point truly ecstatic, no matter the amount of solid performances (with *in theory* nuanced evolutions) or effects spectacle; I'd note that the visuals, apart from scenes dipped in red chromatics, felt more shaded (the 3D dimming everything further by 30%). Tone and direction are indeed brave, yet only make you wish Johnson would have also found true balance in the way he packs it in, instead of underachieving that in a movie that's undeniably stuffed and overlong, with sprawling split stories, whose timeline of converging reaches GoT levels of implausibility. For a while, there is a startling intention to genuinely throw everything in the fire and build a new path, except that it reverts during the last stretch to the same ever-marketed archetypes. The movie also has such standalone ambitions to deliver it all that it makes you wonder what more drive and purpose can the final episode have. An oddity for sure in this expanding canon, but not without its shortcomings when it comes to telling a story properly and not overdoing it in the process.

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