Manhunt ★★★

John Woo directs a dumpster fire, and it is way the hell more entertaining than it has any right to be. The story is undoubtedly a never-ending tragedy that feels like someone took a script and removed every other page, shredded them and hastily pasted the shreds back together in the hopes that no one would notice, but I suspect that Woo knew this to be the case himself, so he just has tons of trashy fun with a story that starts out like your usual "wrong man" thriller and evolves into something that has way more in common with low-budget action DTV features along the lines of Cyborg Cop. The action certainly has the same go-for-broke enthusiasm as those films did, as Woo throws everything at the wall and proceeds to shoot that wall to kingdom come, and while nothing here has a patch on the beautiful artistry of his 80s-early 90s work, it is undoubtedly a blast to see him throw caution to the wind with one gloriously absurd action beat after another. Woo quotes himself a fair bit, but when even the requisite scene involving doves winds up with combatants using them to tactical advantages, one gets the sense that Woo isn't too terribly concerned with securing his legacy. Expect The Killer and you'll be sorely disappointed; expect Hard Target, on the other hand, and you'll be pleasantly surprised as I was with this primo example of wild trash that may just be what you needed all along.