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Lover of trash cinema and the Criterion Collection.

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  • Jack Frost

    Jack Frost


    I love this. I like the camera angles - nice center focus points and balance. They fit the mood the story is supposed to be telling, which makes the movie more engrossing.
    Pretty nice irony, like when Jack kills Sam’s Dad, how he walked around the snowman, ignoring it in pursuit of an imagined person. Felt like he was acting like a someone really would and not some stupid ass in a B movie. But the effects and dialogue are so cheesy lol
    It’s all great fun.

  • Der Henker 1 + 2

    Der Henker 1 + 2


    The music definitely helps make this awesome. The kills are so terribly cheesy.  Guy gets slapped in the face with his own guts. Chick falls into a fire after she’s stabbed. Many many doll heads get destroyed.