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    Mrs. Salinas is a representation of an old Labour welfare state whereas Mrs. Malkin represents Thatcherism. Under Salinas, the school children enjoyed their time in school, yet their academic achievements were substandard; one can draw direct ties from this to how poor people didn't want to get jobs back in the 70s. Malkin on the other hand, as harsh as her methods were, helped the students to win the grand prize in the history fair and go to Magic Land…

  • The Queen

    The Queen

    '[Blaire’s] manifesto promises the most radical modernisation and shakeup of the constitution in 300 years'

    Cannot bring myself to endorse any film abt Blaire’s relationship with the royal family that doesn’t dedicate at least 45 minutes to him and Prince Andrew eating babies on Epstein island. Not as actively pro-genocide as ‘The Special Relationship,’ but at least that film was honest abt Blaire being a neoliberal corporate shill whereas this dedicates the entire first act to set him up as a radical voice of the hard left. Very funny stuff.

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  • Past Lives

    Past Lives


    I knew her throughout primary school. She was always quiet, reserved, not all to different to myself, though our paths rarely crossed. She kept to her friends and herself, and me with myself. I hardly noticed her, nor did I notice most, yet looking back, I remember the contrast of her bubblegum pink headphones on her head of golden hazel. I remember during reading in class one time, she was berated for sliding a manga inside a supposedly ‘serious’ novel…

  • nothing, except everything.

    nothing, except everything.


    I shit you not at one point Wang literally borrows a running intertitle joke wholesale from Adam McKay's ‘Vice’ and 'The Big Short.'

    There are no beautiful images, just ugly, hateful ones.