Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★½

I'm pretty disappointed because i read the synopsis of this movie and it sounded amazing, unfortunately the movie was not.

This movie is actually a whole lot of nothing. It has an interesting story it wants to tell but it does nothing with. The movie brings up so many questions and ideas that never get resolved. The movie itself doesn't get resolved. The ending for this movie is so rushed and jarring and I guess that's for comedies sake but to be perfectly honest not only was this movie not funny but I think it being a comedy is a hindrance. This movie has a very confusing tone, one minute it'll be haha wacky cartoony comedy and the next minute a little boys mother is being hanged. This movie can't seem to decide on whether it wants to be a serious realistic drama or it wants to be a goofy comedy. I think this movie had a lot of potential if it was going to be a more grounded and realistic film because the story on paper is really good. However this film just left a sour taste in my mouth, I expected better I guess. It doesn't work as a drama and it doesn't work as a comedy. And people say this film is really deep and has lots of themes and symbolism. While it's technically true none of it ever leads to anything, even the film's title is supposedly really deep on a thematic level but it's addressed once in the beginning and it isn't explored again. This film is apparently this smart satirical film on the nazi party but none of its satirical elements are clever. Most of it is just
Haha look at how dumb and irrational nazis are.
That's not clever, that's probably the most overdone trope ever.

This film for me at least is a mess and I have no plans to see this again anytime soon

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