Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★½

Star wars the last jedi.... Where to even start. First off I'd just like to say that if you think the last jedi is worse than the rise of skywalker then you aren't fit to review movies. I can see why so many hate this movie I really do. In fact I agree with almost all the criticism for it, but a lot of the issues aren't really that big compared to the beautiful narrative this movie tells.

Even though the force awakens is really good, the last jedi I'd say is the better of the two and definitely the best film in this mess of a trilogy. The force awakens for the most part is just back to formula. Yeah it's a fun ass movie, but it never tries to challenge the audience in the way the last jedi does. The last jedi takes a risk and in my opinion it suceeds.... Mostly.

Like I said this movie has plenty of problems with it. Canto bight I'll admit I've never hated as much as most other people. I think it is a very creative and fun setting that totally fits in the star wars narrative. The problem with canto bight though is that it draws the plot to halt and totally shifts the tone of the movie. I think this subplot could've worked a lot better if the stakes weren't so absurdly high. Another big issue I have is simply admiral holdo. Everyone says Poe is in the wrong but I stringly disagree. Holdo is a terrible leader and she withholds information from her crew because she's so confident her plan will work, which it doesn't. There also some plot holes like how can finn and rose leave and jump to hyperspace? Couldn't you just fit the resistance into that small ship? It may be cramped but it'd still be possible right? But I also want to touch on how many people like to say that rian johnson threw everything the force awakens set up and created a great big mess. Well you're kind of right, but the force awakens never really set up anything that good to begin with so I excuse it especially since what the last jedi presents to us is better than anything the force awakens set up. There are legitimate criticisms like that luke went to the islamd to die, but he left a map behind so people could find him. This is a valid criticism, but I kind of gloss over it because the direction the story takes it is way more interesting than the previous film.

But enough talking about negatives. Everything with Luke, Rey, Kylo Ren and Snoke is golden. Everyone likes to bitch about Luke betraying his character and that's kind of ironic because that's literally the point of the movie. The galaxy (and keep in mind star wars fans as well) have this warped vision about who Luke Skywalker is. People think he's a legend they think he'll save the galaxy, but Luke isn't perfect. Luke is a human being like the rest of us and he too makes mistakes. He made such a big mistake in suspecting that Ben might turn to the dark side that ever since that day he's felt nothing but shame and misery. Luke is a depressed and broken man that made a big mistake that shattered his entire life. Luke is not a legend, he is a man. Yet somehow at his weakest point he realizes that the galaxy needs hope again. So he rises back up and stands up to the entire first order, and puts Kylo Ren in his place. He stalls so the resistance can escape to fight another day, giving them all hope once again. Standing up to the entire first order he proves to the galaxy that even though he's flawed, he's still the legend we all remember him as. The legends of luke skywalker spreads throughout the galaxy, inspiring others to rise up.

Now explain to me again how the rise of skywalker is better than this movie?

I could go on forever about this movie but i don't want to keep you forever.

The last jedi is a movie of insanely high highs and miserably low lows

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