Parasite ★★★★★

(B&W Edition) 

Urrrrrggggghhh just So. Fucking. GOOD. You’d think on a third viewing (and my second time watching in the last 5 days) I’d start to get diminishing returns but goddamn I’m sorry this really is one of the best films ever made and if you wanna chime in and give a dumb hot take on how this “isn’t really THAT good” i don’t wanna hear it! On repeat viewing you really just notice so many intricately plotted details that only further highlight just how flawless and tight this screenplay is, no moment is ever dull, every single second constantly bounces back and forth from tension, humour, horror, drama and yet somehow it never at any point feels jarring. The added addition of the B&W cinematography gives a much colder and harsher realism to moments that already had so much tension before, I do kinda feel like the lack of colour does take away a bit of personality from certain settings but nonetheless a cool experiment and any moment during night time looks downright stunning. This is just unfathomably perfect but I’m sure y’all already know that unless your one of those weirdos who somehow think Joker is better than this? Sure bro.

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