Tenet ★★★★½

I’m sorry I just fall more and more in love with this gorgeous nonsense with every viewing, all my initial points still stands even stronger now, this is Nolan stripped down to his purest essentials, just cool attractive dudes doing cool shit lost in the new digital world, nothing but 2 and a half hours of pure movement and propulsion, it’s like a truly bizarre mix of the maximalism of Bay with the cold, cosmic existentialism of Mann and I just can’t get enough of this bullshit. There’s barely anything in the way resembling character or plotting and that’s awesome! When the spectacle feels this disorienting and hypnotic you don’t need some Cinemasins approved bullshit! Just make sure you always remember to look through the proofing window before going through the Turnstile! You cannot forget this! I just can’t bring myself to hate on Nolan when in our current age of algorithmically generated mush he’s still putting hundreds of millions into weird things that feel this singular.

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