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  • The Curse

    The Curse


    The Curse is a modernized take on The Colour Out of Space, the Lovecraftian tale of cosmic horrors. Before Richard Stanley’s marvelous self-titled 2019 reimagining, this was the first film to attempt to capture the abductive nature of Lovecraft’s musings since the Boris Karloff mockery Die, Monster, Die! (1965). It ends up feeling more like an adaption of Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers.

    “We were all looking for something really special and amazing as my follow-up to Stand by Me.”

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  • The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

    The Garbage Pail Kids Movie


    “Meet the Garbage Pail Kids!”

    The trendy "gross-out humor" trading cards get their own feature film! Some may know these characters from tearing open a fresh pack of cards and curiously wondering what characters lay inside the sealed silver foil. They were a strange series of characters that essentially metamorphosed from the Cabbage Patch Kids — a parody that received a spin off film — with an array of characters like Foul Phil, Messy Tessie, Nat Nerd, Valerie Vomit, Greaser…

  • Westworld



    “Boy, have we got a vacation for you...”

    Before audiences were blessed with heart-pounding indestructible characters like Michael Myers and the T-800, the unstoppable Gunslinger from Westworld (perfectly portrayed by Yul Brynner) set the standard and became the prototype for some of cinemas greatest on-screen villains.

    Directed and written by Michael Crichton who was inspired to write Westworld after a visit to Disneyworld; where he was fascinated by the animatronics used for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. In a…

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  • An American Werewolf in London

    An American Werewolf in London


    A lustfully comedic moonlit tale, completely re-written by John Landis over the course of eleven years before finally coming to life — having taken inspiration from his experience witnessing a gypsy burial while traveling. Deemed “too scary to be funny or too funny to be scary” whenever receiving feedback from those who’d read the script. It’s clear it went through many metamorphoses during pre-production, with Landis being reluctant to recast past actors John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd in the leading roles…

  • The Fog

    The Fog


    “Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream.”
    - Edgar Alan Poe (A Dream Within a Dream)

    Opening with a great quote from the strange and eclectic Edgar Alan Poe — one that draws parallels with the film’s themes. Starring scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis as well as her mother Janet Leigh, lest we forget the rest of the ensemble cast. The opening sequence by the campfire and beginning of the film provides a lot…