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  • Tenet



    While I enjoyed the film’s visuals and could feel the passion that Nolan invested into his long awaited project, I found the story’s logic to be a a collision of components that simply didn’t gel. The story felt rather off because it relied so much on the logic of the universe that’s depicted, logic that shifted to fit the narrative. I can’t suspend disbelief when it’s such a fundamental part of the film, however I also recognize that Tenet is…

  • Three Identical Strangers

    Three Identical Strangers


    Rest In Peace Eli, thanks for being there for all of us buddy. You were a star, you really were. A beautiful guy, and no one’s memory of you will ever fade. Thank you for your kindness, and above all thank you for being so unapologetically you. We all miss you so badly.


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  • Glass



    Saw this early y’all. M.Night was there, I asked him a question and he was thoroughly impressed with it. It made me very humbled, considering that the man is a glorious inspiration to me and how I view cinema. Glass, despite bridging into the lore of Unbreakable and Split, feels very much distinct from M.Night’s usual style, confining his story to the likes of a superhero, mainstream-type presentation, yet, he very much draws fantastic and thought-provoking concepts with this film,…

  • Searching



    This is my first film at the Sydney June Film Festival and needless to say, I am proceeding with a pretty fantastic launch. Searching was a beautifully executed narrative that held me tight in its grip from the opening scene to the very end. It contains rich and heavy emotions which demand it as an especially memorable picture, but its in the concept, the acting, and the directing where Searching becomes fully amplified. This was a riveting drama thriller and easily one of my favorite films of the year thus far. No doubt in my mind. More reviews from the fest will be coming...