Black Panther

Black Panther ★★★

Okay, I know this was bound to always happen, but did Black Panther REALLY deserve best picture...? Did it really warrant being nominated over great films such as First Reformed, Hereditary, Shoplifters, or, hell, even half of the films in my top 20 section of my 2018 Ranked list? If we are nominating bloody Black Panther, why would we dispute Mission Impossible Fallout for a best picture nom? Like, you know, Black Panther has a good message about race but is, to me, ironically offensive with its approach to the story, in the sense that these people are living and hiding in an advanced area, in some place (I forgot where exactly, but who cares). In no way am I saying I hate Black Panther, but it’s far too standard in quality and execution. The action scenes are cgi fests and the emotional weight of the film is brushed away due to its lack of a distinct personality, which is detrimental for a distinct message. I have NO clue why this, out of the dozens more, was nominated. Also, about me saying that I felt a particular part of the film was offensive, it’s not a direct issue with the film, it more so associates with me and my own personal taste. Just like the film itself, the acting, directing, and various scattered qualities of Black Panther aren’t scientifically proven to be good or bad, this review simply unfolds through my own views of what a film worthy of ‘best picture’ is, and if you want to erupt in the comments and talk about how this film is so philosophical and deep with themes, I’m not disputing any of that. It’s not the subtext which makes this film average, it’s the execution that lacks anything special- aside from some very beautifully shot scenes- and makes Black Panther my pick for the most overrated film of 2018.

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