Black Moon

Black Moon ★½

"An apocalyptic Alice in Wonderland!"

This is the Letterboxd tagline for this utterly baffling misfire of a cinematic experiment, and I suppose it's a pretty apt description. Similar to Lewis Carroll's classic novel, this film abandons narrative story structure in favor of a series of random, disjointed vignettes in which our "ordinary" lead stumbles across wacky characters, impossible creatures, and unexplainable scenarios. However, lacking is the creativity, intrigue, whimsy, or endearing protagonist that makes Alice in Wonderland narratively sound despite its unconventional structure. Black Moon instead seems to have a masturbatory obsession with its own weirdness, as if provocative and strange imagery possesses meaning unto itself without providing any thematic through line to justify its inclusion. Even on a technical level, this film falls extremely short, with choppy editing and distractingly terrible dubbing making this an all-around irritating and uninvesting experience. The Criterion Collection has got to be pranking me with this one.