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This review may contain spoilers.

“You’re gonna love it.”
“The world.”

This film is by far one of the most amazing dramas I’ve probably ever seen. The story is about a woman who is held captive by her rapist/father of her child. Ma and Jack have been sheltered for years and she finally decides to attempt her escape. Larson’s performance was stellar. She did her character justice and made me feel the pain her role went through. I feel like that’s super important about casting; I need to feel the persona. Hands down 10/10 for Larson. Jacob Tremblay did a fine job playing Jack. He portrayed this innocent 5 year old boy with total grace. Usually kids are pretty okay at acting in general but with a plot like this they usually expand the age so the child can act accordingly. 10/10 for Tremblay. The movie itself actually brought me to tears at many points. Since the subject is so sensitive, I did have to just take a moment to keep my composure and just pause it out. The camera work of this was so good. Sometimes it felt like a drama, other times it was like a thriller, at one point even a documentary. This movie is a 10/10. I recommend only to people who won’t get triggered from some of the elements that build the movie. Such a good film dude. Totally recommend.