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  • Maurice



    A really sad tale about the way homophobia was around the 1900’s in England. The irritable feeling I had while watching this film is indescribable. It was so distasteful to watch a man lose his sanity because he liked his best friend, who happened to be the same gender. What bothered me the most was that, Maurice became so infatuated with the idea of being heterosexual, and not caring about how Clive felt. I feel proud that Clive decided to stay with Alec, despite knowing his whole life could be ruined. 

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    With the first movie, I would be interested the whole time. With part two it felt as if they wanted to fit so much into three hours. The parts I enjoyed the most had to be the beginning and ending parts. The middle was not as good as I pictured it to be.

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  • Split



    For me personally, it was a good movie. It was obvious what was going to happen but still a nice movie

  • The Princess Bride

    The Princess Bride


    If it were not for my English teacher I would not even consider watching this and that was the surprise I had when I actually thourghly enjoyed this movie even if it was an assignment.